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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Malnurtured Snay


Regarding "Buffy" box-sets, there's a super forty-disc set coming out in the next few weeks ... it's got all the episodes from all seven seasons, and it's not expensive ( has it listed for $180, couldn't find an Amazon listing, but they're usually cheaper than Best Buy).


Haha. Every year for Christmas, my mom buys my sister and I clothes, despite us explicitly telling her that we don't want clothes as presents, and every year we end up returning the clothes for a refund because they don't fit/make us look like fifty year old women. Most people, in my experience, tend to buy things that they themselves would like for other people, and hope that the other person has similar tastes. Which definitely doesn't always work out!

It's the act of giving that counts. I tell myself that every time I get a new ugly sweater for Christmas.

Malnurtured Snay

My parents always insist on giving me socks for Christmas (which is great, I can use them) so I'm going the same vein and giving them fire extinguishers :)


Are you serious Snay? Is this the idea you had for them that you were talking about on your blog?

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