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Monday, December 19, 2005



my thought on macs is that they are especially easier when "things go wrong". i.e. when things aren't working right and you have to reinstall something that got corrupted. or reinstalling the OS. i haven't had a single problem on this computer yet though :)
installing and uninstalling programs is a snap usually. biggest complaints with the mac is that i am not fond of the two handed operations. i like right click or click and hold, not all these shortcuts where you hold a key down with one hand while you click. also i will never remember all the keyboard shortcuts for the mac.... it's not visual enough.
although my ultimate biggest complaint about the mac is what won't work with it. want to sell with a bulk loader on ebay? can't do it. want to view videos with OS 10 on mac on or yahoo music? can't do it.
i really do love my mac. it's give and take though. if i were selling on ebay i wouldn't like it. i say do what is easiest for the kind of things that you want to do and for your budget.


I find macs easier to work with when I'm doing video editing. The software they've designed makes it really simple, even for a novice like me.


I knew someone with one of those desktop macs that was an electric blue colour. Sorry, color. The best part in my mind was that there was one cable rather than all the windows pc spaghetti that I have currently running from printers and such. Couldn't work the thing for the life of me though.

Double Dogged

I would be at a lost with a Mac also. Hell, I still have a lot to learn about Windows.


eh. i see both ends. I think the mac OS is more novice friendly. it took far less time for a tard like me to become familiar to the mac OS than it did for me to become familiar with windows. but man do I hate that slick mac marketing, makes me feel like a total fag for using one. Plus, the mac insularity means those who become dependent on the OS pretty much are steve jobs' lap dogs and end up paying whatever "they" demand of thier market. but, I do think it is funny that those who hate mac the most are typically IT geeks who just don't understand why the rest of us don't think in ones and zeros... like the rest of us care where the processor thingys on the inside of the computer comes from. It's all about the operating system.

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