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Monday, December 13, 2004



my roommate's car got the big orange "abandoned" sticker stuck on it after being parked outside our hosue for about 18 hours. i think it's random. and i think that sticky stuff doesn't come off so easily.

is this the same car that had weeds growing around the tires for a while?


Indeed, I've definitely never ever seen the street cleaners come past that house.

As consuela points out--you should have taken a picture of J's old car. That really was abandoned.

And consuela, did he really have to pay a fine or anything?


My favorite part about J's old car was that in the backseat there was a copy of the Hotpants U newspaper from 2 years ago.

For the record, Bmore does clean some streets--St. Paul had them twice a week (following the opposite-side parking restrictions).


Consuela: No, this is the "new" car. The other car really was considered abandoned by the city and was taken away. J is hoping that he never receives a bill from the city for this "service".

Ianqui: The only picture I have of that car is from the snowstorm of 2003: I'm assuming you can fix that URL. Go to the fourth and fifth line of pictures on the page and you'll find pictures of J digging out his car.

Colliculus: Good point about St. Paul. You're right, they do clean pretty regularly there. As for the Hotpants U newspaper in the back of his car, I don't doubt that it was there, but the scary part was that I don't even remember it. There was just so much stuff in that car...


I once had a car get towed because the city of Boston deemed it "abandoned". I guess that's what I get for using public transit and not moving my car for TWO. DAYS. STRAIGHT.

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