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Monday, January 30, 2006



I'm trying to remember what that room looked like when we lived there. I can't! But I think I had a desk in the main room like where J's is? Or maybe I worked on the kitchen table? Supah?

Wow, my memory sucks not only for events (which I knew), but also for spatial layouts. How sad.


I'm so excited to see this!! I love it!! But more importantly, I hope you do?! And what do the cats think of all this change? Glad you decided to give it a perspective should help you get to that PhD degree in no time :)


Ianqui, I can't remember either! As soon as a place as been changed, I really find it hard to remember how it looked before. I kind of think you used this room like an office, but I'm really not sure.

Kelly, yes I do like it. It really does feel less like I'm being punished and have to face the corner for hours on end. :)

As for the cats, they adjusted pretty quickly except for the first day when Koji tried to sleep under my desk chair. The pink chair used to be here and Koji always used to sleep under it. However, when he tried to sleep under my desk chair, I accidentally kicked him from above and he hasn't returned to the spot since. But if you look closely in the picture, I put a blanket on the floor by the window and Tako has been sleeping there from time to time.

Double Dogged

The room looks good. I like the natural light you are getting from the window. The view might not be too good, but the tall windows make up for it.

Malnurtured Snay

Hardwood floors? Tall windows? I think I'm in love with your apartment!

Joshua Berlow

I recently rearranged my desk after reading in a Feng Shui book that you weren't supposed to have your desk facing the wall. The book is by Kirsten Lagatree. Now my office seems more professional.


Truly this photo makes the apartment look much nicer than it actually is. It's actually a fairly small room, and if you could actually see the junk scattered all around the rest of the room, you wouldn't be quite so jealous. Now if I could just clean it up and keep it clean, then you would be justified in being in love with this apartment.

Actually, I do love it. And it really has made a world of difference to move my desk. It's funny how that really changes how I feel when I'm sitting there (which is practically all the time).

feng shui

The photo looks beautiful and it said "The home is where the heart is".you can create a layout in the home that will help bring out the natural energy that is residing deep inside of you.If you get rid of the clutter, you will more than likely find the health and wellbeing that you seek in life.

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