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Thursday, January 12, 2006



That sucks. I'm glad he's OK. One of the things I've never liked about CV is that Baltimore's criminal element is keenly aware that it's full of a bunch of dumb (comparatively) rich kids that have no idea how to avoid danger or protect their stuff.

When I was at JHU I knew several people who'd had CDs stolen through the security bars on the first floor, or similar petty crime.

I'm very worried about this ever happening to me, because I seriously doubt I could keep my cool. Props to J.


It occurs to me that my first paragraph makes it sound like I think J is a dumb rich kid who doesn't know how to avoid danger; that was not my intention...



That's terrifying, Seadragon. I am glad everything turned out okay!


Yeah, I'm glad you're both safe. Also, I'm finding it hard to feel bad for those kids.

Malnurtured Snay

I'm glad J wasn't hurt!


I'm glad J is all right! Not to sound like a nag, but maybe he should think about backing up his dissertation, so if he ever runs into more serious muggers, he won't have to hesitate.

For kicks, he should have told them the bill was one of those new colored $20s. I'm betting they would have believed him.


Thank goodness he kept his cool, and that those muggers weren't the professional kind.

Super G

I happen to know there is a huge black market for drafts of J's dissertation. Those kids really were amateurs!

Seriously though, good to hear that J is OK. And as a previous occupant of your apartment, I am thinking that I probably should have been a lot more careful.


Just to let everyone know, all of my dissertation is backed up. :)

I was coming home to fix my desktop (which is kind of busted) and I didn't want to be w/o any computer (hence the clutching of the bag w/the laptop after much tugging)...also, my bag had a bunch of articles and some recent patient testing results that I hadn't scored yet. They can have my cash, but they can't have my late 19th-century journal articles.

It's funny how fast you can think w/o thinking though. All of the above quickly flashed through my mind and I just decided that they weren't getting my bag w/o showing a gun. He didn't show a gun, I thought money would make them go away, and it did.

Fortunately the cops acted fast...caught the kids less than five minutes after I was robbed. Baltimore PD was awesome throughout the whole thing


Glad to hear everyone's OK!

When Prairielanding and Colliculus were visiting NY in December, we were reminiscing about all of the trauma people had experienced in Baltimore. My car was broken into 2x (the robber tried and failed to get my stereo, twice), (y)our door was attacked with a crowbar (the lock is very strong, I can tell you that!), Super G's car was stolen the first day he got there. C & PL have their own stories involving junkies and muggings with weapons.

The joys of Baltimore, I tell you.


Nasty. I'm with you seadragon. Whenever I hear of this sort of thing I want to go out and give the bastards a taste of their own medicine. Glad J was calm and came through ok.

You realise that if it happened here and I had a US $20 bill they would have taken it over the Aussie dollars.


dang... i guess that's a little worse than having someone steal a pink barbie kid-sized jeep. but somehow, i'm not surprised that J made it out only $12 poorer.

glad you're all ok!!


Prairielanding's coworkers in the projects near Little Italy always made potential muggers show them the gun before the handed over any money. If there wasn't one, they would scold them and send the kids home to their mothers.

Ah, Charm City. Now that I've been away for a few years I understand a little better why prospective grads would be freaked out by "Oh, CV is safe--I've only been mugged once in 9 years." (I figured if I left out the "at gunpoint" part it wouldn't be scary.)


Dude. I am glad J is ok. (Otherwise I would be making flight plans right now to take care of those kids.)

I'll avoid telling mom about this :).

Sister Lindsey

I had no doubts of my brothers street smarts. He's been pure gangsta since I saw him shoot off 12 rounds of those punk birds in Duck Hunt whilst reading the sport section of the paper.
But still glad to hear he is ok.


FYI, the mother knows. Wanted to let her know that Bridgeport is in da' hizzie!

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