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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Oops. Sorry about that. But I think you made the right decision.

Were you really blogging at 7:19am?


sounds like you made the right move.


I definitely think you made the right decision. I didn't realize the blog thing would start before you were done with the dissertation.


That's too bad, but probably for the best...especially if you ever decided to rant about your academic job. Some people have actually gotten fired for stuff they posted on their blogs!

Joshua Berlow

What's the deal on that paid blogging thing? How much were they paying? Please e-mail me off list!

I'm a professional Gonzo journalist and former member of the National Writer's Union:

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

Just for the record, some cheesey blogger claimed to be as professional as me. Yeah, right.


why, look, it's the mad raunter... again. well well well. it looks like he has a new blog... again. surprise surprise. and judging by the last comment, it's time to have his med levels adjusted... again. correlation, perhaps?


Thanks all. It's funny how easy it was to make the decision once I really thought it out. For a wihle the lure of blogging for fun and getting paid was really tempting. But it's definitely not in my best interests right now.

And a few specific responses...

Ianqui - Yep, I posted at 7:19. And not because I got up early. :)

JB - Sorry, I can't reveal.

Eebmore - Yep, but now posting under his real name. But let's not dredge up old feuds here, ok?


you're right. sorry about that. I got a bee in my bonnet.

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