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Sunday, January 22, 2006



ive always wanted to make okonomiyaki, or at least eat them because i haven't had them in years. where can i get them, if i am feeling lazy?


Actually Kira, I have no idea where to get okonomiyaki around here. I've heard that you can get it at Otafuku in NYC, but if you're feeling lazy then you probably won't want to make a three hour trip each way to New York. :)

I'm guessing you can get it at various Japanese restaurants, with maybe more luck around DC and the Silver Spring area, but I really have no idea! The only time I've had it myself was in Osaka, Japan.

But making them is fairly easy if you have the right ingredients. We picked up stuff at Han Ah Reum and now have dashi, nori, and bonito flakes on hand. Fortunately, a lot of Japanese food seems to always call for the same ingredients...

Double Dogged

Making scrambled eggs at home with two different friends is not strange. That is, if something weird was done to the eggs.

Glad to see your job situation looking up for you. :-)


Glad to hear things are progressing. Positions like this one always take a long time--with a great deal of angst and uncertainty--before finally settling into a stable state (positive or negative). Fingers, etc. are crossed!


I first had okonomiyaki at the long-defunct Louie's Bookstore Cafe (where IXIA is now) and then found a couple of recipes that I've made sporadically since then... it sounds like yours is vastly better/more authentic... please to share???



Mrs A. makes it too. It's just about her favourite dish.

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