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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Consuela Nomegusto

How come you guys always have your conferences on weekends? Are people expected to bring their families? Are they ever in places like Cincinnati or Pittsburgh (like mine are), where no one would want to spend their precious few days off?

(I write this from a meeting in Iowa, so there you go) ;)
Good luck finishing it all up - by the end of the summer, it will alllll be done. :)


I would never have thought to look up crime stats for a prospective suburb. Is it really that bad?


Lately we've been expected to front the money for conferences and then put in for reimbursement. That would be OK if A) I could afford to go in the first place, and B) it didn't take forever to get the money back. I've been waiting on the money for a slightly-used copy of the DSM-IV since January. Bah.

I don't think I would have looked up crime stats, either. Maybe if I was in a neighborhood that looked attractive to me I'd start chatting with passersby to check out their attitude.


Actually, I suppose I shouldn't have mentioned that we looked up crime stats so casually. The only reason we thought to do it was because of J recently getting mugged here in Baltimore, and from my recent visit to a friend in Philly whose neighborhood made me more uncomfortable than I ever was living in Brooklyn or Baltimore.

Maybe I was just being overly paranoid, but we parked on Fitzwater and 13th (the only place we could find a spot that didn't require a residential permit), where there were a lot of abandoned buildings, empty buildings and lots undergoing construction, and a decent number of people loitering around (e.g., in front of an old convenient store). My friend told us to walk up 13th, but we weren't comfortable for a few blocks until the buildings we were passing by started actually have people living inside of them.

But I'll be the first to admit that I don't know Philly all that well. It is the city of brotherly love, right? So the people we passed just wanted to love us. :) (One guy called out from the doorway of the convenient store to wish us a Happy St. Patrick's Day.)

Also, we have heard from people that we should be careful in the neighborhood around the university. I haven't actually seen the neighborhood though, so I don't know how it compares to where we live in Baltimore. However, this was coming from the friend who already lives in Philly near the area I wasn't comfortable in and she also used to live here in Baltimore. So I'm guessing it has to be worse, or she wouldn't have pointed it out. So we just don't want to waste our time looking for apts in neighborhoods that sound good online, but when we get there we realize we would never want to live there.

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