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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



I went to buy something on ebay, worked out it was a scam thankfully, (I'm like you and tend to trust the goodness in people), and since that first bad experience I gave up and won't touch the site.


Not to mention the fact that the person who asked you to ship it to Canada as a 'gift' was asking you to break customs laws. Canadians can avoid paying tariffs on international shipments if it is registered as a 'gift' on the customs forms.


Hi. Does your camera come with a sweet red JeepĀ® bag? I'm reallyjust looking for the bag but will buy the whole camera for it. Well, and the print. Don't forget the print.


I've been a seller on eBay for almost 3 years now and the girl who asked if you could send it as a gift wasn't referring to a different address. I've had this same request a number of times. On customs forms there is a box you can check stating your sending a gift and in doing so prevents customs from charging duties and fees to the customer. It's illegal to do so and will get you in trouble with the post office and customs but not a scam. Happy Selling!



You are absolutely right and I am sorry I was too lazy to update my post. In fact, the person sent me a second message clarifying that they were ok with me sending to their verified address, but wanted to know if I would claim it was a gift (just as you said). I told her yes because I didn't think about it at the time, but then she never bid on the camera anyway, so it turned out not to be an issue after all. Thanks for commenting because I don't think I otherwise would have gotten around to clarifying that!

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