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Monday, May 15, 2006



Weihd. But if you want to know its distribution, check here.


That's the link I was looking for. I knew you'd have it Ianqui! :)


You've never heard 'crown'? I have ongoing arguments with my boyfriend and friends about this. Maybe it's a Midwestern thing :( The 'crown' folks tend to also be the same as the people who 'worsh' their clothes.


I'm a culprit of this!


Yeh, this is a pretty common thing to hear in the locals who have serious accents. My girlfriend's daughter will cross the sounds. Someone recently gave her a paper crown and she kept calling it a "crayon". She's six years old now; I figure if I keep after her she'll have my New York accent before much longer. (-:


ACWF says "cran" and I tease her for it mercilessly.


I confess, I'm a "cran" girl myself.


My neice, the little hick that she is after being raised in Arkansas, called them "Crowns". It drove me batty, but I had to make myself say "CRAYON" to other people. the Crown thing tends to ruboff.

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