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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Malnurtured Snay

I guess this means no more happy hours, T?

I kind of thought that you'd had this blog longer than you'd been in Baltimore (hence, identifying yourself as seadragon?), and you just changed the name of the blog depending on where you lived.

Go for Philly Roll as the new name, with your strange upper and lower case jingling. Same blog, after all.

(Or! Find a place in Philly on Baltimore Street, and keep the name!)


Evidently a moving disease is sweeping our family. You and J, us, Lindz and Ian...

Someone should warn the rest of the fam.

Hope moving goes smoothly!


Why not just call it "Seadragon Roll?"


I like eliaday's suggestion - and then you can create the sushi roll version later. (Or is there already a Seadragon Roll?)


Mal Snay, we already have an apartment, so no Baltimore Street for us. :(

Actually, I am leaning towards PhiLLy RoLL now, or something like that. I also like the idea behind Seadragon Roll, but ... it sounds a little like the roll would have seadragon in it, and that is sort of sad! Plus, I'm starting to think that I might like the idea of renaming the blog whenever I move.

If I don't go with PhiLLy RoLL, what do you all think of FiTLer RoLL? (Hm, can't get the lowercase/uppercase to look right.) We're going to be living in Fitler Square (throwing my anonymity even further out the window), so it would be Philly related, without specifically being Philly Roll, and it doesn't exist as a roll, so I could make it up. Maybe I can come up with some inspiration for it at the Fitler Square farmer's market.

What do you think?


I dunno, "Fitler" makes me think of "Hitler." Though the idea of a sushi roll with a little mustache kind of makes me giggle, maybe you'd better go with Philly Roll ;)


"Fitler" makes me think of "Fiddler on the Roof" for some reason. Too much Broadway as a child.

Jewish sushi...hmmm...


The obvious answer is: don't move. Voila! No need to change the name.



Karenology, I agree that Fitler sounds unfortunately like Hitler...

And Cheeqz, hm, Fiddler on the Roof also isn't quite what I was going for either.

As for Jwer's suggestion, not moving isn't an option either, but nice try!

So Philly Roll it is. It's in the works now. Stay tuned!

Malnurtured Snay

Seadragon --

Hah. I'm great mind reader! I changed you on my blogroll to PhIlLY RoLL several days ago (and moved you out of the Baltimore Bloggers section). Hope you're all settled in.


D'oh! We'll miss you (even those of us who haven't seen you in months).

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